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Il y a une fille qu'habite chez moi

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Nom: Casey Dienel
23 ans
Elle compose des chansons
Surnomé White Hinterland

« Down by the old stone church where the joe-pye weed and the mellons grow, those petals bigger than my fist, how they bob and bow when the wind does blow. There grows a cypress tree and in its trunk i carved your name and right beside it i carved mine.

They'll give you the hometown hurrah
When you come home baby
Bronze your combat boots and set your bones in clay
Write down every word you ever had to say
No one wants to believe you died in vain

The first Spring that you were gone, the women who lived on the flat roof-tops had sherds sewn with quickly germinating seeds of green. In all of their Sapphic celebrations, they held fires and dances and chanted your name, tied yellow ribbons 'round the trunks of trees in town. But the skies held a collusion of their own, and on the sunniest day there ever was, you died at the tusk of a bayonet. Aphrodite found your body, sprinkled nectar in your wounds, and your blood dripped red anemones that shimered just like precious stones. They floated down the river bank to the tributary that now shored your name. The rapids from then on ran ran red, they run red to this day.

We used to walk past the blue schoolhouse
We wore our love like it was a crown
Our skin was a map we knew by heart
We never once got lost
No one wants to believe you died in vain

The Sapphic women who loved you so still cry every Spring. When the fennel goes, and the wheat and the barley and the hardy rye wither and go to seed. I go down to the old stone church where the joe-pye weed and the mellons grow, these petals drop now heavy with rain, watch them bob and bow when the wind does blow. There, my favourite cypress tree, astall as the steeples, i can see they've tied a ribbon 'round its trunk that covers your name where i carved it twice. I rip that ribbon off the tree, burn it down by the river that now shores your name, place the ash where the water ravenaisly licks the river's bank.

We used to walk past the blue schoolhouse
We wore our love like it was a crown
Our skin was a map we knew by heart
I never once got lost
No one wants to believe you died in vain... »


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